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The cover that Sahar Eshghi designed for international community of designers ShowUsYourType, 2021.

Theme: Tehran

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  Distance: This artistic event is being held to put forward the social distancing in the covid-19 pandemic context.  
  It has been over a year that we as a global society have been dealing and restricted by the covid-19 pandemic.
As an art group with a large database of artists, we have been looking for ways to help those artists express themselves in every way possible. Our latest idea was a competition with a theme of “distance” adapted to the current situation and the social distancing restrictions on a 50x50 canvas format. 30 competitors were selected anonymously by a panel of esteemed jury members. We then organized an exhibition in Iran Artist Forum’s gallery. To give the exhibition an even higher level we invited 13 master artists to participate as well.

  Online art exhibition "Distance"  
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  Participated in Art group exhibition, Linda Farrell gallery, Led by Safarehonar, Curated by Sahar Eshghi, Paris, France, Dec. 2019  
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