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  With the purpose of documenting the work from these exhibitions, we published a series of books so that the art lovers and the artists themselves can have a physical printed version of the artworks in hand. The successful experience of publishing a series of valuable books from the different online and physical exhibitions has led us to the publishing of a comprehensive book showing the artworks of chosen contemporary Iranian artists.  
  This book is the first volume of the series with 100 premier artworks from contemporary Iranian artists.  
  The book of "Distance" event

This artistic event is being held to put forward the social distancing in the covid-19 pandemic context.

  To further Safarehonar Group's efforts towards creating a platform to bring Iranian artists under the spotlight and help sell their artworks on a global level, the team has organized exhibitions at an international level. Unfortunately, 2020 has seen the world face the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to the closure of galleries and museums as well as other art venues around the world, leaving artists and art enthusiasts facing the challenge of finding a place to present their work and appreciate those of others. As such, Safarehonar Group took an innovative approach to overcoming these challenges by holding the first online art exhibition of works by seasoned as well as up-and-coming Iranian artists on a large scale, bringing over 700 participants and providing a venue for the display of more than 1200 selected works of art. The exhibitions were held in collaboration with renowned international websites in the industry, including the Canadian Biafarin Inc. and the France-based ArteBooking.,, Each of these exhibitions was held for the duration of a month in several groups with 200 works of art on virtual display and an opportunity was provided for artists and art lovers alike to get acquainted with Iranian art and the unique perspective it has to offer.  
  The books of online exhibitions  
  First volume  
  Second volume  
  Third volume  
  Fourth volume  



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