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Safarehonar art group was established by Sahar Eshghi Sani in 2019 with the goal of introducing the contemporary Iranian artists to the world and the international artists to the Iranian community.

With this prominent goal in mind, we started providing services including:

- Organizing art exhibitions for Iranian and international artists on a global scale.

- Organizing workshops and educational seminars locally and internationally.

- Providing pictorial reports of Iranian and international artistic events.

- Providing detailed reports of the work and the life of renowned artists.

Our efforts and determination to introduce contemporary Iranian artists in the global arena has resulted in the creation of a platform permitting an exchange between artists from around the world and helping the expansion and progress of art.

To further Safarehonar art groupís efforts towards creating a platform to put contemporary Iranian artists under the spotlight and help sell their artworks on a global level, the team has organized exhibitions worldwide. Unfortunately, 2020 has seen the world face the Covid-19 pandemic which has led to the closure of galleries and museums as and all other art venues around the world, leaving artists and art enthusiasts with the challenge of finding a platform where to present their work and appreciate the work of others.

As such, Safarehonar took an innovative approach to overcoming these challenges by holding the first online art exhibition of the work of contemporary Iranian artists. These exhibitions were held on a large scale, in collaboration with renowned international online gallery websites, with over 2000 artists and over 2000 chosen artworks being exhibited so far. These ongoing exhibitions have been an occasion for artists and art enthusiasts all around the world to be introduced to Iranian art and culture.

With the purpose of documenting the work from these exhibitions, we published a series of books so that the art lovers and the artists themselves can have a physical printed version of the artworks in hand. The successful experience of publishing a series of valuable books from the different online and physical exhibitions has led us to the publishing of a comprehensive book showing the artworks of chosen contemporary Iranian artists.




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